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Caroline Jane

Hi, I am Caroline Jane a counsellor and coach based in Wymondham, Norfolk.

I specialise in  Hypnotherapy, counselling, Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) and bespoke coaching.

My mode of operating is client centred therapy following the school of Carl Rogers and existential therapy operating in the present. My belief is these two schools of therapy allow for a positive supported change.

Client centred therapy allows for a discovery of the self but with the support of the therapist and existential therapy looking at what we can control in the now.




Existential Analysis and Logotherapy

greenfinch therapy

greenfinch therapy

Why Greenfinch Therapy

Finches embody the important attributes of joy, appreciation, high energy, positivity and optimism. They also require us to keep life simple and be aware of the earth’s resources as well as responsible for our choices. Here at Greenfinch Therapy I will enable you to make changes, perceive the life you want to lead and be aware that one of the highest human freedoms is your right to choose in any given situation your response. The journey is not the destination, it is the path we sometimes become accustomed to tread and sometimes we need to be brave enough to forge a different path.

Get in touch today, I am here to help.


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